Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines

The aim of this blog is to share what I learn as I work with, and as, an entrepreneur, but yet all my posts lately seem to be falling back to my default setting of writing about writing.

So the time has come to start writing about starting. (I was inspired to start sharing when I came across this website of the UK government, who are sharing the redesign and relaunch of their site.)

While not yet at the level of having design principles like the UK government (but working on them!), I have been  progressing a start up further along the process line than just a business plan with all its sanity checking and questions around resources and connections. We (me and another based in Australia) are now at the point of nailing down visions and missions to feed into branding concepts and eventual brand elements like websites and various marketing tools.

So we are slowly transitioning from the planning stage into the doing stage, and we are having to constantly think of the future while keeping our feet firmly in reality. We need to make sure the core values of the company and its brand are relevant in 5, 10, 50 years, yet we haven’t even got our first customer.

I’ll be sharing more of the journey as this start up progresses. At the moment we are throwing down ideas into MindMeister (a really useful virtual mind mapping tool) to get an overview of the things we think are important to the company and to come up with names. Next week we will be working on finding the branding logo that translates both these visually, and working on our manifesto/founding document. I hope to have pretty pictures with you momentarily. Stay tuned.

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