Running and business (a shameless plug)

The point of this site isn’t to document my personal life. Facebook is doing that job quite nicely thankyouverymuch. However (you knew that was coming right?) I do feel the need to share a little part of my personal life here, as I think it is relative.

On May 26th I’m doing a 35km trail run in Rotorua, and have been busy training for it with my fellow crazy-in-crime running buddy. Just this past week we ran 22km in the Waitakere Ranges and yesterday we completed 17km on Rangitoto, so you can see, not only do we need some serious psychological therapy, but we also have a lot of time to spend talking jibberish and getting all philosophical about life, work and the future.

While we were pounding around and up Rangitoto yesterday I got to thinking about where my crazy motivation to run comes from and how it is related to my desire to succeed and how this is reflected in my professional life. So here it comes; the links I found between running 35km on trails (or any other serious endurance exercise) and business:

1) The very first thing that struck me was how you have to a) surround yourself with people crazy enough to buy your vision and b) be able to effectively sell that vision to those crazies, so that they buy into it and are motivated and they can continue to motivate you when you need it.

Case and point: My running buddy and I are by no means runners. We dabble in the odd half marathon and like to think that we run regularly, but other than that we don’t do trail runs. The furthermost we have ever run on the road is 21km let alone 35km through soft/sandy/scrubby/scoria trails. In a moment of boredom I decided we could do the 35km trail run with two months training, and though she kicked and screamed and called me names not appropriate for this forum, my running buddy agreed to join me. She wasn’t convinced we could do it when we signed up (yesterday was the first time she actually admitted that she thought we could do it), but I was adamant that we try, and she was crazy/stupid/awesome enough to believe me.

2) My second point is related to my first in that you have to find people with complementary strengths, and you have to know your roles.

I talk the talk before hitting the road or trail, telling both of us that it will be “fun” to do a half marathon in the bush, while my running buddy doesn’t share the same idea of “fun”. Also I’m usually best in the first few kms, and have more than once needed to tell her to get a grip and keep going, that everything will feel better once we get going. Towards the end of the run I usually run out of motivation and all I want to do is stop and have a rest/beer, and then it is her turn to take over the  role of the motivator and get us to our goal. Just yesterday I said “I’m done”, she said “shut up and run”. We wouldn’t be able to do anything if we both had the same strengths (or weaknesses).

3) Lastly, business and doing challenging physical activity go hand in hand because no matter what your level, if you aim for and achieve something that not many other people can do, not many other people can imagine themselves doing, and something that you know is not going to be easy, that is going to require hard work, determination, sacrifice, pain, blood, sweat (bucket loads of it), and maybe even some tears, then you are mentally tough and you know that you can set goals, work towards them and achieve anything. You know what success after hard work and determination feels like, and you want it again.

We can’t wait to cross that finish line, feel proud of ourselves and ask… “what’s next?”

***Shameless plug portion of this post: We are also running to raise money for KidsCan, and would feel very happy and thankful if you could help us reach our target.***

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