29 Things I’ve learned

  1. I’m about the enter the last year of my 20s.
  2. I’m not sure that I’m ready to let them go just yet.
  3. My 20s were awesome.
  4. I did what nearly everyone else did.
  5. I studied a BA.
  6. I lived in Dunedin.
  7. I did what not many other people did.
  8. I lived in Paris.
  9. I jumped into the deep end.
  10. I lived in South Korea.
  11. I did what only a few people in the world do.
  12. I went to North Korea.
  13. I backpacked around Europe and Africa.
  14. I visited places I’ll never forget like Malta, Greece, Austria, Morocco and Egypt.
  15. I spent a few years trying to work out what I wanted to do with myself.
  16. I realised that it’s actually a lifelong challenge.
  17. I started my own digital magazine, out of an idea in my head and a belief that I could do anything.
  18. I taught myself indesign, photoshop and how put a magazine together.
  19. I eventually created a print version of that magazine.
  20. I sold my magazine in seven different countries.
  21. I learned that I can do anything.
  22. I moved to Auckland.
  23. I studied my MBA.
  24. I finished my MBA with Distinction.
  25. I found a job with people who feel more like family than workmates.
  26. I motivated and trained myself (with help from V-Rag) to finish a 35km trail run.
  27. I am still best friends with those I went to high-school and university with.
  28. Those are the types of friends you have to keep close because they know EVERYTHING about you.
  29. I lost two grandmothers and a great grandmother.
  30. I am thankful not to lose anybody else.
  31. I dance to the beat of my own drum.
  32. I am completely alright with this.
  33. Those who aren’t don’t usually hang around for long.
  34. I plan on being in New York when the time comes to turn 3.0.
  35. I put my shirt on inside out this morning.
  36. I think I’m doing pretty well.

Okay that was more than 29, but I’m nearly officially old so people have to start cutting me some slack.

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